Curtain Heading

Curtain Heading, also known as Curtain Top Treatment, is the top piece of the curtain that attaches to the curtain track or rod, it determines the draping style and stack-back characteristics of a curtain. If you do a google research about it, there are plenty of options that will make your head spin. Here I’ve outlined some of the most well-liked curtain headings, which is also recommended by our customers, I’m sure you will find the one you like too.

Grommet Curtain

When I did my research on Amazon and Wayfair, I found most of the curtains are with grommets (also known as eyelet curtain), it is a very popular and effective option. The advantage of grommet is apparent, it’s easy to install and slide on curtain rods, and you can adjust the width of your curtain with it easily, so ideal for frequently used windows. However, it only works with curtain rods, not for tracks.

Here is a design tip: coordinate your grommet finish with other metals within the room. At Senjoo, we normally use silver matte grommet, and the inner diameter of it is 1.6’’/4cm, which fits any rod up to 1.5’’/3.8cm. We also offer grommets in nickel, antique bronze, and black, please drop us an email or write on your purchase note if you need other colors.

It is constructed without added fullness, meaning the width you are ordering is the width of a flat panel. Multiple your window width by 1.5-2.5 to create the fullness you desire, we recommend 2x fullness.

Rod Pocket Curtain

Rod Pocket Curtain

Rod Pocket is also known as pole top, which is the most basic and classic curtain style with a sewn-in rod pocket at the top of each curtain panel. Panels bunch in gathers on a rod for a soft look and clean lines, which offers a casual look. It is a perfect choice for the sheer layer in a double-layer curtain setup, or somewhere less operational. It’s not ideal for every-day use though, especially for non-sheer heavy fabric such as blackout fabric, as it doesn’t slide easily along the pole.

At Senjoo, rod pocket length is 3”/7.5cm, which is included in the curtain length. Again, we recommend 2x fullness.

Tab Top Curtain

Tab Top Curtain

Tab Top is one of my favorites, it is a relaxed and less formal heading, which will give your room a rustic or farmhouse look. As the rod is visible between tabs, we advise matching your rod to your curtain panels.

At Senjoo, we make tabs at 2″ W x 3.5″ L, which is included in the curtain length. As before, 2x fullness is suggested.

Tie Top Curtain

Tie Top Curtain

Tie top goes well with casual home décor, also suitable as café curtains. They are usually used with sheers and lightweight fabrics, rather than thick fabrics such as blackout fabrics, since ties are more difficult to open and close. We suggest reserving tie top for windows without high traffic of frequency.

At Senjoo we usually keep the ties at 11.8’’ length, which is not included in the curtain length, and you can tie them at the top of the drape for a relaxed look. As before, 2x fullness is suggested.

Versatile Pleat Curtain

Sometimes referred to as a tape pleat or hook belt. The top of the curtain panel is knitted with curtain tape, and hooks are pinned to this tape to create different headings. You can detach these hooks easily to create new headings. You may hook it on the curtain track or clip it into rings to hang it on the curtain rod. It can be hung flat or made into pleats. As its name implies, it’s quite versatile.

Hooks are included and 2x fullness is suggested.

Pinch Pleat Curtain

Pinch pleat is another popular and traditional curtain top treatment, it is more gathered than other headings and have permanent sewn-in pleats, allowing the folds of the fabric to flow below and create an elegant and luxurious look. Similar as Versatile Pleat, it works for both curtain track and curtain rods.

Pinch pleat is made to a fixed width to perfectly fit your curtain track or rod so are only available custom made. At Senjoo, we offer double (2-fold) and triple (3-fold) pinch pleat style options. Unlike other headings, this heading style requires more fabric. Double pinch pleat is constructed with 2 times the fabric of the panel width and triple pinch pleat is 2.5 times. The panel width should be the same as the coverage width. S Hooks are included.


Before selecting the top treatment for your curtains, please think about how frequently you would be using a window. Grommet curtains are ideal for windows with high frequency, while rod pocket curtains, tab top curtains, and tie-top curtains are more suited to stationary windows and doors.

Please don’t forget to consider the decor of your home. Grommet curtains, versatile pleat curtains and pinch pleat curtains may be a terrific addition to modern and contemporary spaces, while tab top curtains, and tie-top curtains remain the perfect option for a casual and relaxed look.

We believe there’s no best option, each one of them can be beautiful in the right setting. Drop us a message at if you need any help, we’ll be more than happy to offer our styling advice and help you create your perfect curtains & drapes!

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